The most
Cost-efficient component

It is all you need in high-performance cycling wheels to compete at top-level races. Light, stiff, aerodynamic efficient, quick acceleration, and durable are the characteristics you can find while riding TORZC wheels.

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We aim to produce the HIGHEST QUALITY of racing components that have the ability to challenge road cycling races around the world !

Racing Spec 4.2 Disc on Factor O2

Our teams are cyclists too. That’s why we know what a racer is looking for, and we will never compromise on the quality of our equipment. We committed to building only with top-quality materials. Hand-built with strict quality control protocol is what you can expect from every Torzc performance wheel.

Racing Spec 4.2 on Pinarello Dogma FP


Research & Development

TORZC Lab. launched in 2013 when the team was actively participating in road cycling races worldwide. After years of trials and errors, we are proud to say that our components are advanced enough to compete against all major high-end brands.


Quick response and fast acceleration, the key to win group sprints !


Sufficient energy saving in long distance ridings at high speed.


Outrun you opponents in climbs, claim the KOMs and perform at your personal best in high mountins.


Compose with solid materials and parts. Durable and build to last.

Cost Efficient

Strive to produce in the most efficient and eco-friendly way.

Racing Spec on Specialized Allez Sprint


Spend 30% less on top quality cycling components !

We built with the latest technologies in the finest materials. To keep the cost down, we sell directly to you. By avoiding the middle shipping, handling, and all the retailing costs, a pair of TORZC wheels is at least 30% more cost-efficient than those you purchase in a retail store, which makes us one of the brands with the highest cost-performance ratio in the market.

TORZC Performance Cycling Wheels