Handbuilt Purely for Racing !

From the first generation in 2013 to its current fifth generation, Racing Spec wheels have advanced along with all the latest development of cycling technologies.  After all these years of trials and errors, we are proud to announce that Racing Spec wheels are more than enough to compete against all major high-end brands in today’s racing peloton.

The perfect balance between Weight, Aerodynamic Efficiency, and Durability.

It’s about maximizing the efficiency of all the components…..the harmony between the design of the hubs, the shape and tensile strength of spokes, rim carbon molding structures, have found the perfect balance between weight, aerodynamic efficiency, and durability. Our team has contributed the majority of our effort to improve the lateral and torsional stiffness of our wheels, making sure all the wheels have inherent the racing character of quick response, high watts saving, and fast acceleration.  With strict quality controls, our team tested and raced on our own wheels.  


Solid but extremely light !

Based on our second-generation Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Moulding Technology, we have made a breakthrough in the rims formation process.  TORZC’s unique art of carbon fiber compression and fiber-resin ration can reduce the weight of  rims by as much as 17% without affecting the durability and stiffness.

All Conditions Braking

Supreme barking performance !

We treat the braking surface with the latest carbon polishing machinery technology, DPTTM Diamond Polishing Treatment. This technology allows the brake pad to work directly on woven carbon fibers avoiding the “run-in” period while braking. It shortens the reaction time of braking, improving its performance in both wet and dry conditions. With DPTTM, the maximum temperature limit has been enhanced from 220°C for standard carbon rim to now 250°C.



Rolling with less resistance !

A wider tire with less tire pressure simply rolls faster than a narrow one with high pressure.  Our rim development team has increased our Racing Spec 5th generation wheels from previously 23 mm to 26 mm in width.  The wider designed rims are the perfect fit for tires up to as wide as 30 mm, reducing rolling resistance while ensuring precise handling, stability, and comfort.



Strength to weight ratio Maximized !

The stress distribution patterns within the rim structure vary as much as 20% at the accelerating and braking moment during rides.  To achieve the maximum structural strength to weight ratio, our development team has reinforced the critical sections where stress is loaded and, simultaneously, reduces the excess materials from the area that is not needed.  

Oversize Flange

Efficient watts transmition !

By shortening the length of spokes, the oversize flange at the DS(drive side) on the rear wheel has created a higher vertical bracing angle, leading to higher lateral strength and stability.  Shorter spokes also make a wheel stiffer. 


2:1 Spoke Ratio

Increased lateral stiffness !

A perfect match with our oversize flange. The additional spokes on the DS(drive side) are laced in a 3 cross pattern.   The pattern will naturally increase the lateral stiffness of the wheels, transferring your paddling power to the ground more instantly.

Carbon Hubs

weight save further !

Not only does a carbon hub reduce the weight overall weight of a wheelset, but the stiffness nature of carbon also strengthens the balance of torque between the DS(drive side) and NDS(non-drive side) of the rear wheel on every paddle stokes. 

Ceramic Hybird Bearings

Smooth rolling !

All Torzc wheels are now equipped with ceramic hybrid bearings from Japan.  High precision well-made bearings will roll faster, saving energy with higher ecruising speeds.   

3-Splines Cassette Engagement

Three small stainless steel splines are attached to the aluminum freehub body that will absorb the pressure of the steel cassette, preventing the cassette from gouging the freehub body at the same time strengthen the engagement. 


6 Pawls System​

Faster response !

6 pawl system freehub body – 2 sets of 3 pawls alternate to allow constant engagement of the ratchet teeth to increase efficiency and resilience when pedaling.  Larger pawls handle more weights.



Equipped with special designed aero spokes to achieve maximum aero efficiency.  Inspired by the nose cone of a dolphin, it offers the highest level of aerodynamic performance of any spoke on the market today.


Tubeless Ready​

Our rim profile can run on both tubeless or clincher tires with normal tubes.  Anytime, you can take advantage of the tubeless tires with greater puncture protection, lighter weight, and a lower rolling resistance.  

TORZC Performance Cycling Wheels