2021-2022 Collection

RACING SPEC 2.2 Ultralight


If you are serious rider planning to claim KOMs or breaking personal records on climbs, Racing Spec 2.2 Ultralight is the wheel for you.

Don't limit yourself

Racing Spec. 2.2 Ultralight is built for riders whose aim to push their riding records to the extreme, claiming KOMs and breaking the impossible to break personal bests.

Rotating weight requires 2-3 times more watts to accelerate than static weight. By significantly reducing the weight on the wheels to around 850 grams per set, a lot of energy will be saved from propelling the mass of the wheels, and therefore more watts will be directly transferred toward forward acceleration during a climb.

Racing Spec 2.2 Ultralight is feather-light, yet structurally solid. It is put together with Italian’s lightest – Extralite Cyber hubs (48 g front/ 129 g rear), Belgium’s finest aero bladed spokes, and TORZC’s SL Extreme Light Weight Formation carbon rims. The carbon rim and the spokes are connected by internal nipples that will be able to reduce stresses on the conjunction points and also decreases overall wind drag creating aerodynamic benefit.



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